Customize Your Camper Van

  • All Camper Van Kit products are specifically made for the 2015/2016/2017 Dodge Ram Promaster City Tradesmen or Tradesmen SLT
  • Build your camper van from the floor up!  
    • A complete kit is defined by 4 components: The floor (1), Camper Boxes (2), Wayfarer Panels (3) and the table (4)
    • Scroll down and complete your kit by selecting your options for each component.
  • Products are shipped assembled and ready for installation 
  • A flat shipping fee of $400 is applied upon check out if ordering a complete kit
  • If ordering a-la-carte please email us for information about discounted shipping
  • We can also customize cushions to your liking, email us to inquire more
  • Average wait from time of purchase is 2-3 weeks

Wayfarer Floor (1)

  • The floor comes in two fabricated sections, with your choice of finish.
  • Includes hardware and cargo management tracks.
  • Sections are installed and bolted to the floor of the van.
  • Cargo management tracks are fastened in the channels of the floor to secure the camper boxes .
  • Insulation also included.

Wayfarer Camper Boxes (2)

  • Camper Boxes are shipped assembled and come as a set – bed box, bench box and kitchen box; all you have to do is select your cushion color…
    • Or, personally select your own fabric and we can custom make cushions for you!
  • All boxes come with simple mounting brackets to safely secure them to the floor and are easily removed for cargo versatility.

Wayfarer Panels (3)

campervan panels 1 (resized)
campervan panels 3 (resized)campervan panels 4 (resized)campervan panels 2 (resized)campervan panels 5 (resized)campervan panels 6 (resized)campervan panels 7 (resized)campervan panels 8 (resized)campervan panels 9 (resized)campervan panels 10 (resized)

Wayfarer Van Panels


Camper van panels in a SNAP!

Wherever your journeys will take you these panels will help keep you comfortable.  They minimize road noise and insulate well.  Whether its the dead of winter or the top of summer, with proper equipment you can keep the inside of your van a comfortable temp, making camper-vaning a four seasons event.

Made of 1/2″ closed cell foam and upholstered with tough outdoor fabric, these panels will hold up to all your wanderings.  Installation….? Easy.  Each panel has a series of high strength magnets.  Just place a panel against its defined location and let it snap into place, then once in place you can adjust them with a slight pull to fit perfectly.  A patent pending application.


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Wayfarer Camper Table (4)


Camper Van Table


Any camper van isn’t complete without a place to put your beer!  Keep this table folded up while you travel, it will give you more room to transport those vagabond essentials, then where ever you stop just fold it down and enjoy having plenty of shelf space for you and your friends frosty beverages.

In other camper vans we hated not having enough platform space, or any at all, to prep food or play games on, so no more terribly small table tops where you have to decide what goes on the floor and what stays on the table.  With this in mind we made this table as large as possible without sacrificing space.  It’s cantilevered on one end so you don’t ever have to worry about banging your knee on a support and it nearly spans half the length of the living area.


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Make It Your Own

How to make a Wayfarer Bed