Wayfarer Vans is expanding west. After five years operating out of our Colorado Springs location, we’ve opened our second location in Reno, Nevada! Our newest spot is only a day’s drive from Seattle and San Diego, making it easier than ever to complete your Wayfarer van conversion. Please note that as our Reno shop gets up to speed we are only doing a limited number of installs on select vans.


Reno Is Only A Quick Drive Away

  • San Francisco: 4 hours
  • Las Vegas: 7 hours
  • Los Angeles: 8 hours
  • Portland: 9 hours
  • San Diego: 10 hours
  • Seattle: 12 hours


Why Reno?

It’s the perfect spot to jumpstart your adventure in your new Wayfarer Van. You can park under the shadow of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean, travel to the flats of Death Valley or ski the towering mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. Reno has it all!

Reno Destinations

  • Lake Tahoe: 45 minutes
  • Napa Valley: 3 hours
  • Yosemite National Park: 3 hours
  • Mt. Whitney: 5 hours
  • Crater Lake National Park: 5 hours

As things heated up at our new shop, we are limiting the number and type of conversions we do at our Reno location, so order your Wayfarer conversion today.


Vans Available in Reno


Location Details


757 Kietzke Lane
Reno, Nevada, 89502

Shop Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-5:00pm PST

Friday: 9:00am-noon PST


Video Transcript

Hey everyone!

Today we’re so excited to announce our second Wayfarer Vans location in Reno Nevada!

So, Wayfarer Vans started 5 years ago and, from the beginning, we had aspirations to open up multiple locations. We just didn’t know it was going to happen this fast.

Morning everybody, we found a great camp spot. It’s early spring in Colorado. A handy little trowel … just for those emergencies.

So here we are, opening up our second location in one of the best adventure hubs in the country. So why did we choose Reno for our second location? Well, because Reno offers a great jumping off point to some of the best outdoor recreation and national parks in the country: Yosemite, Redwoods, Mount Shasta, the coast of California and Oregon, Death Valley … the list goes on and on.

Alright, so what does this mean for those of you on the West Coast looking to get a Wayfarer Van? Well, Reno is so much closer to you than Colorado. All of you from the Pacific Northwest to the tip of Southern California and everywhere in between: You’re within a day’s trip to Reno to pick up your brand new Wayfarer Van.

So just like our Colorado facility, you can pick up a full package from a great dealership that we’ve partnered with called Dolan Auto and we’ll have your Wayfarer Van finished for you prior for arrival so you can just toss in your bags, your gear and GET OUT OF THERE! Or, as always, bring us your own van and we’ll convert it for you Wayfarer Van style and get you outside and camping on the same day.

At Wayfarer Vans, it is our mission to provide simple, quality camper vans that introduce and inspire connections to the outdoors and community. Therefore, by opening up our Reno location, we are making the dream of adventure and exploration accessible to more of you!

… And then we also have an overarching task board at the bottom. Just to make sure we’re making all your vans pretty on time. We have a hangboard right behind you to make sure we stay strong when we’re gripping those tools.