Camper boxes for whatever journey you’re going on.

These boxes bolt right to the floor with a simple bracket and turn of a wrench, choosing to bring none or all three simply depends on the adventure you have in mind. Remove all of them and open your van up for cargo only, or just take the bench box along for a day out mountain biking, allowing you a comfortable place to sit and change with still enough room to keep you bikes inside. We love this modular system but always seem to have the complete setup in our personal van; cause when curiosity strikes and adventure beckons, its always good to have base camp ready.

These boxes come as a set (kitchen, bench and bed) with cushions, are made for portability, engineered for strength but still lightweight. They are precision machine cut, sanded, clear coated and professionally assembled prior to arriving at your doorstep.

Product notes:

This product requires that you also install the appropriate flooring for this van, which can be purchased HERE.

Camper Boxes with Cushions – Wally $1,800.00