Any camper van isn’t complete without a place to put your favorite beverage or camping snacks!

Keep this table folded up while you travel, it will give you more room to transport those vagabond essentials, then where ever you stop just fold it down and enjoy having plenty of shelf space for you and your friends frosty beverages.

In other camper vans we hated not having enough platform space, or any at all, to prep food or play games on, so no more terribly small table tops where you have to decide what goes on the floor and what stays on the table.  With this in mind we made this table as large as possible without sacrificing space.  It’s cantilevered on one end so you don’t ever have to worry about banging your knee on a support and it nearly spans half the length of the living area.

Product notes:

Camper Table – Wally $400.00