Water containment, storage and counter space all within one removable unit.

Our kitchen galley comes with a five gallon fresh and grey water tank, large sink with matching lid, pump faucet and more space for your cooking essentials than you know what to do with. Pots, pans, water kettles, stoves, butane, and utensils can all fit easily within one or two compartments, leaving you with even an additional compartment for your s’mores kit and/or favorite dry goods.

Not only will our kitchen galley set you up to be a top rated camp chef but it also doubles as an excellent desk or table space. With the overhang towards the drivers seat and your swivel chair, you’ll be making the best of your casual mornings…French press ready for a hot brew and a trail map spread out, planning that days adventure.

This product is designed for use with the RAM Promaster 1500 or 2500 high roof 136″ wheelbase van.

This product requires that you also install the appropriate flooring for this van, which can be purchased HERE.

Kitchen Galley – Walter $1,799.00