Elissa M

I’m probably gonna echo every other five star review on here… but here it goes.

When I began my research on what van I wanted to buy, the Wayfarer conversion kit came up over and over, in an article in Curbed, links to vids on van groups on FB, and great social media tags and posts.

Before I got my Promaster, I had my heart pretty set on a Ford Transit, until I stopped by my local dealership to test drive it, and the sales guy said, you’re gonna want this more. Driving a Dodge Promaster is pretty dreamy, they get decent gas mileage, it’s pretty nice to drive for a big box of a vehicle and very comfortable. The car dealership guy in Glenwood introduced me to local conversion crew and we started planning my new van… but the pricetag was ANOTHER STORY and their build out was kinda ugly and not homey at all. I kept sending the links to their conversions. That’s when my lightbulb went off. I SHOULD JUST GO TO WAYFARER. LOL

They say, sometimes, things are meant to be. My van was definitely meant for me. From the moment I was ready to pull the trigger, the Wayfarer team was on a mission to make me happy. Bill was on the phone with me all the time, plotting, chatting, discussing, walking me me through the process. I was not alone. I had every question answered, every detail thought through and while I may have purchased a “kit” … I got MY VAN.

These guys showed they cared in so many little details. They asked me about me, they wanted to know about my journey, they wanted to give me support in the process and made me feel like more than another customer, they made me feel like FAMILY! I loved rapping with Austin, with whom I bonded about RADIOHEAD action. He made sure I had a ride from wherever I was to help get from my little car to the new rig. He cared about my journey and gave me lots of tips.

Ian’s mom (that’s how she was introduced) was on hand on Van Day, which was great because I had a fellow #vanlife mommy on hand to hang with. They threw my dog Scoob a birthday party! (it was his first birthday! nice present right?)

I also loved Scott over at Perkins motors, who really worked hard to help me with my financing and seamlessly get it all to work.

I got lucky, someone didn’t show up and I got the next van on the line! I didn’t have to wait (shhhh don’t want anyone to be jelly… ok a little jelly)

I totally believe these guys are gonna take care of me for as long as I’m in the club and will help me with any adjustments, tweaks, additions or ideas I want to incorporate.

The customer service, the quality of the product and hey, I look effin cool AF in my new rig. 🙂

This is a very happy customer, so happy I started all new social media to show off my journey “Like Water for Brisket” look me up and I’ll tell you all about our experience and gush about the Wayfarer Vans product and crew. This is MADE WITH LOVE and I’m feelin it all over.

See ya on the road! 😀

Ellisa M May 1, 2019