Hailey F

I can’t rave enough about Wayfarer Vans. Most van conversions are prohibitively expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Even if I were rich, I wouldn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait up to a year for other people to convert a van. Plus, I don’t have the skills or patience to plan—never mind build—a conversion myself. The Wayfarer Vans team got me out on the road without any time or effort on my part.

My Wally van is small enough to fit in any parking space, yet spacious enough to hold everything I own. It’s so comfortable, in fact, that I plan to live in it full-time once my expensive lease in Silicon Valley is up. In the meantime, it’s my daily driver and my weekend getaway. The subcompact hatchback that I traded in for my van actually felt more excessive—I was just driving around four empty seats all of the time, with no privacy or storage space. Now, I have a room of my own everywhere I go, from the streets of San Francisco to the beaches of Big Sur. Since my van is nondescript, I feel safe traveling alone. I can also travel farther and more often without having to check in to expensive hotels at restrictive times. I can work remotely in my van on weekdays and change clothes, eat, read, and nap in it on weekends without any planning or hassle.

The folks at Wayfarer Vans couldn’t be more friendly, responsive, or detail-oriented. They’re all experienced, enthusiastic campers who are committed to helping other people get the most out of every trip. Choose them over expensive, flashy alternatives—you can’t go wrong with their streamlined, reliable kits.

December 11, 2019