man with dog in camper van

Jharad E

I would absolutely, with out a doubt, purchase this product again and again! I bought the Walter Camper Conversion kit and had it installed in my Promaster back in October. Since then, I’ve been on several van-tures that have made life so much easier!
I work in travel health care and I love to travel far and wide fun outdoor recreation. This van and the conversion kit has proved time after time why I chose this product.
I’ve always wondered how amazing it would be to by a van and have the option to live out of it if I wanted to. Although the Walter camper van is meant for camping, since I’ve got the kit, I’ve basically been living out of my van weeks on end.
Every part of the design has been utilized and I love the simplicity and ease of its use.
I really thought how awesome it would be to build my own van. Unfortunately I dont have the time or resources to build what I wanted. Plus for it would have been an overwhelming experience for me as well. I love how everything is modular. This will be easy to install electrical needs and anything else that I feel is necessary down the road. I’ve been on several bike and climbing trips so far since I got this and I can’t wait to test it out in the winter on ski/snowboard trips.
I met Ian and his workers at their warehouse to get the camper kit installed. They met me with a warm, genuine welcome. They had everything installed in a matter of few hours and I was off to van-turing later that day with my dog Rize. Since then, life has been good. So, what are you waiting for!? Stop thinking about it and get that van and a wayfarer camper kit! It’s totally worth it! Do it!

- Jharad E October 25, 2018