Lester S.

Didn’t know what kind of camper van I wanted for my first one, so I’d looked at a lot of different types in my search: old VW buses (so cool but I’m not a mechanic), older conversion vans (clunky, bad mpg, RWD), Class B RVs (bigger and way more amenities than I needed), tow-behind trailers (I prefer the one piece motor-home type), and cargo vans outfitted with custom camper kits by their owners (many very nice, many amateur-looking). While there were pros and cons for these types of campers none of them were what I really wanted.

I realized I wanted to use a cargo van as my vehicle because I liked the size and look of them, the mpg, and the overall ease of use. And since I’m not a carpenter or designer either, I was hoping to find a minimalist kind of camper kit that would have the basic necessities and great functionality and also be open and airy and inviting: a good vibe.

Did a search for camper kits and found Wayfarer Vans – that was the eureka moment I’d been waiting for. Not only was the kit a spot-on minimalist basecamp but I was steered toward the type of van to get. I decided to start with the smaller Promaster City, and I was able to find a pre-owned deep metallic red one that is ideal. Not too stealth of a color for sure (except in red-rock country) but that’s perfectly OK, and the van is a lot of fun to drive too.

I bought the Wally kit from Wayfarer, with custom material for the cushions, and I installed it at my home in New Jersey. Ian’s installation videos are very easy to follow. The camper kit looks perfect in my van: it has clean lines and is well-designed and well-made, has great storage space, and offers an ideal choice of components in the three boxes, table, flooring, and insulation panels. I’m very happy with it.

Ian at Wayfarer is great to deal with and I’m hoping to get out to CO in 2019 to meet him in person.

Haven’t been on an extended camping trip yet because the weather is cold now, but I’ll add to this review when I have a few good trips under my belt. Meanwhile: two thumbs up for Wayfarer Vans.

- Lester S November 18, 2018