Anza Borrego highway Wayfarer Vans Conversion Kits

Ralph M

We spent over 3 months considering RV solutions before we ended up with “RED” (the name of our Promaster CITY Van). After considering the full range of vans we ultimately settled on the Promaster City. This was (for us) the best compromise after comparing cost, ease of driving, fuel economy and engine acceleration.
This finally brought us to a comparison between the Wayfarer Kit and the CASCADE RV. In then end the Wayfarer KIT was the better solution. It offers a slightly wider bed and it provides much greater storage capacity. The Wayfarer kit provides enough capacity to store a cooler, small buddy heater, small stove with cooking supplies, bedding and air mattresses while still leaving room to stow two fully packed 40 liter back packs.
As important as these two factors were for us the Wayfarer also provides more flexibility. Our non-negotiable list included a composting toilet, not a kitchen. We purchased the kit from Ian without the kitchen box. Our storage needs were still met and we had room for our home-made composting toilet.
Finally, there was the question of risk. This is our first RV, we purchased a new left-over van for this purpose and while we got a good price new Promaster CITY vans are not for free. What if we quickly bore of RV life? How much of our investment would be lost? With the Wayfarer kit you can essentially remove the kit and sell the van in essentially its original form.
We have added additional features. We wanted a roof fan and an electric cooler. We wanted the ability to use our tablets and keep them charged and we wanted LED lighting, all of this required that we add an RV electrical package to RED and of course additional cost. In our case the final cost to convert RED was quite similar to the cost of the CASCADE. So, our decision was not based on saving money, rather it was because the Wayfarer kit allowed us to customize RED the way we wanted it.
Ian and Austin were a pleasure to work with. They are honest people providing a much-needed product with a goal of having their customers feeling valued and well treated. I can certainly recommend them to you.

Ralph M January 4, 2019