Rich Eaton

The complete conversion package is a significant chunk of money. So, I wanted to do my research first into Wayfarer Vans. I didn’t find much other than the testimonials on their web site. Wayfarer is new enough that they don’t show up in many places yet like Google Maps, BBB, etc. However, after contacting them with a few questions, Ian responded very quickly with thoughtful answers. He is an energetic businessman and, at the same time, an adventurer who takes full advantage of all that the Colorado area has to offer in camping and biking. There are great pictures and videos on how to install the kit on their web site and YouTube. Because I like love to camp and fish in Colorado, I decided to visit the shop instead of having them ship it to me. I saved $400, got a great vacation and got to meet Ian in person. We (well mostly Ian) installed the kit in less than an hour. It took a bit longer because we had a great time talking and discussing how Wayfarer evolved, how the kit came about, ProMaster City topics and places to fish. If you are very tall (like me), and need to have the seat back all of the way, you may need to do some customization. Ian and I talked about several ideas. I plan to take out half of the bench. Ian is also a great source of information on all things related to the ProMaster City and camping in general. So, yeah, the kit is a bit expensive… but consider this: I was on the road that very same day headed out for my fishing adventure in a great camper van. That beats spending weeks or months do a custom build out. Our Promaster City was getting about 27 miles per gallon, and it seems to have dropped slightly to 25-26 as the kit is like hauling another large person. But, the kit made our van SOOOO much more quiet on the road.

- Rich Eaton April 19, 2018