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RAM ProMaster City Camper Van Conversion Kit


Purchasing Options and Information

STEP 2: Select the options for your RAM Promaster City Camper Van conversion kit

This is the Wally Camper Van Conversion Kit for the RAM Promaster City Cargo. If you’re looking for the Walter Conversion Kit for the 136″ RAM Promaster 1500 or 2500, click HERE.

This kit includes durable insulating panels for the interior, with insulating panels for the rear and sliding door window areas (with or without windows), a sturdy table that folds up against the wall, flooring, and camper boxes with cushions. Choose flooring and cushion colors to place your order.

Wayfarer Vans conversion kits install quickly and get you outside faster!

Scroll down to learn more about each included component and view installation instructions.

*before placing your order, it is recommended to notify your bank or financial institution to let them know that you will be placing a transaction. Large orders, such as our conversion kits, will sometimes flag your bank and decline the transaction.

Wally Camper Van Conversion Kit Composite

Wally Camper Van Conversion Kit Composite From: $5,196.00


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Grey/Natural Panels

Insulating panels in a SNAP!

Wherever your journeys will take you, these panels will help keep you comfortable. They minimize road noise and insulate well. Whether it's the dead of winter or the height of summer, keep the inside of your van a comfortable temp, making camper-vaning a four seasons event.

Made of 1/2" closed cell foam and upholstered with tough outdoor fabric, these panels will hold up to all your wanderings. Installation...? Easy. Incorporated in each panel is a series of high strength magnets. Just place a panel against its defined location and let it "snap" into place; no adhesives, special tools or permanent alterations required. They'll cover the entire interior of your van, including sliding and rear door window areas.

Worried about mildew or mold? No problem... our panels are moisture resistant. 

A patent pending application.

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Camper Table

No camper van is complete without a place to put your favorite beverage or camping snacks! Keep this table folded up while you travel and it will give you more room to transport those vagabond essentials. Then, wherever or whenever you stop, just fold it down and enjoy having plenty of shelf space for you and your travel partners' frosty beverages.

We made this table as large as possible without sacrificing space. It's cantilevered on one end so you don't ever have to worry about banging your knee on a support and it nearly spans half the length of the living area!  Plenty of room for goodies, prepping food or card games.

Wayfarer Vans Granite Flooring
Wayfarer Vans Granite Flooring


The foundation of your Wayfarer Van.

This floor is meant to take a beating, but looks awesome no matter what. For all your adventures and the changing seasons your floor may see: bikes, ski's, boards, boots, boxes, kites, and who knows what else your traveling curiosity may want to bring along.

The floor comes as two overlapping pieces with: heavy duty vinyl of your choice, insulation, cargo management tracks and all the necessary hardware. Installation is easy... and once it's in place, you know you have a solid foundation for adventure.

Camper Boxes with Cushions

Proper storage and comfort for whatever journey you're going on.

These camper boxes bolt right to the floor and come as a set.  Installation is easy and removing them takes just a few minutes, giving you the ability to still use your van for hauling cargo. 

Designed for two travelers these boxes will store all the essential comfort items: sleeping bags, additional padding, pillows, duffels, blankets, you name it!  Then, when day turns to night and your ready to hit the hay, remove the cushions, install your support legs and flip over the leaf from the middle box - creating your bed platform.  The entire platform measures 47" wide x 6'5" long.

Each set includes the: kitchen, bed and bench boxes, with your choice of cushion colors.  Each box is made for portability, engineered for strength but still light weight.  They are precision machine cut from high quality Oregon birch, sanded and clear coated with a water based lacquer and professionally assembled prior to arriving at your doorstep.

Wally Kit installation tips from our YOUTUBE CHANNEL