What’s a Wayfarer Van?

It’s a simple, modern, and minimal van + modular camper kit. Use it for weekend wandering or epic month-long road trips, taking only the things you need to immerse yourself in nature.

Wayfarer Vans provides complete camper van conversion kits that are 100% modular, easily installed or removed, and affordable.

At Wayfarer Vans, we make pre-assembled plug-n-play camper kits for the Ram Promaster City Tradesmen and the Ram Promaster, 136″ wheel base, high roof. Transforming them from cargo vans to base camper vans in one or two hours.

Our Promaster City camper kit can be packaged and shipped to you for easy installation, or you can visit us in Colorado Springs, Colorado and we’ll install any of our kits for free.

Once your kit is installed, we’ll send you off with recommendations of great Colorado camping for your maiden voyage.