How much does a conversion and van cost?

We offer the most affordable complete camper van conversions. Our base kits range from $21,200 – $24,500 + tax. Installation is included free with all builds. New vans start at $48,000 – $62,000, while used vans are available at a wide range of prices depending on age and condition.

We currently offer builds for the following vehicles:

  • RAM Promaster 136” wheel base, high roof (years 2014 to current)
  • RAM Promaster 159” wheel base, high roof (years 2014 to current)
  • Ford Transit 148” wheel base, high roof, long cargo (years 2015 to current)
  • Ford Transit 148” wheel base, mid roof, long cargo (years 2015 to current)

Our products cannot be installed in any other van make or model. Our conversions are created specific to each van in our lineup and cannot be adapted to fit other vehicles. We do not offer Sprinter, Nissan or Transit Connect conversions. Our conversions are only for cargo vans and not compatible with passenger or crew vans.

Whoa, didn’t we just meet? All jokes aside, please reach out to us through our contact form to schedule a time to talk.

No. We do one thing, and we do it really well: we offer turnkey camper van conversions. Our builds are specific to each van in our lineup, allowing us to provide one of the most affordable complete camper van conversions on the market. Our prices are less than a third the cost of many custom builds. Our installs are quick and take 1-2 days, not months on end. Minimal time creating your van = maximum time creating memories.

The Ford Transit vans we source are typically all-wheel drive. The RAM ProMaster vans are only available in front-wheel drive. Note that as of 2023, there are no new options in the U.S. for a new cargo van with four-wheel drive as a factory option. 

We do not rent vans directly. However, there are quite a few Wayfarians that rent their Wayfarer Vans directly via Outdoorsy. Head on over and search ‘Wayfarer Vans’ on the Outdoorsy rental marketplace to rent one near you.

We proudly make our vans in Colorado – one of our favorite places to camp and adventure! Most of the components for our conversions are handcrafted at our shop in Colorado Springs where we design, assemble and install our conversions. Our van builders are all outdoor enthusiasts and maintain the highest quality standards and workmanship.

Yes, installation is included with all of our builds. We do not ship any of our conversions for DIY installation. Once you order your conversion, we will coordinate an installation date with you.

We proudly stand behind our work. If an element of your conversion has manufacturing defects or a problem due to our workmanship within one year from your install or ship date, we will take care of you at our Colorado Springs shop at no charge. If you can’t visit our shop in person, we will work with you to ship small items; however, some large components are not able to be shipped.

This warranty is only applicable for conversions and components bought directly from Wayfarer Vans and is non transferable. Third-party accessories to conversions are subject to manufacturers’ warranties. Note that the warranty is extended to defects within three years of installation for all conversions installed prior to Jan. 1, 2022.

We will also repair components outside of the warranty period or damage due to accidents or normal wear and tear, aka the dog ate my van cushions, at a reasonable charge. 

We use Havelock wool to keep you warm on your camping adventures. It is all natural – wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable. It improves indoor air quality by not having any harmful chemicals in your walls and absorbing VOCs. It suppresses mold and mildew. It absorbs sound when your campground neighbors get a little too rowdy. And unlike many other insulating materials, wool is biodegradable and compostable. So after a very long life of use in your van, wool can be composted where it will break down and fertilize the soil.

We pack the nooks and crannies of your van full of wool. We use at least two bags of wool for Walt, Walter and Wilma vans, and at least three bags in the taller Wilford van. The wool provides an r-value of about 9. With the the dense closed-cell foam on the underside of the floor and behind the soft paneling, the whole conversion sits at an r-value of about 13.

Yes, the cushion covers are removable. We recommend washing them in cold or warm water and air drying them. They can also be spot or dry cleaned.

Yes. We have several dealerships we partner with for Dodge and Ford vans. We’ve ordered vans through them exclusively for our Wayfarer conversions and can get them with a variety of combinations that are otherwise hard to find, such as: dual swivel seats, rear backup camera, bluetooth, cruise control, navigation, tow package, windows in the sliding and rear doors, and exterior color options. Going through our dealer partners for a new van is a no-haggle experience. You can also finance the cost of the kit and van together, or purchase the kit separately. Drop us a line on our contact form if you are interested in purchasing a new van with our conversion kit.

Our lead time varies depending on the current demand for builds. Over the past year, our lead time has ranged from 2-8 weeks from the time you make your purchase or your van arrives from the dealership. Drop us a note on our contact form for the most up-to-date production timeline. Once you arrive at our shop, installation is completed in just 2-3 days, not weeks on end. We build everything before your install day to give you the fastest possible conversion while maintaining the highest standards.

At this time we do not sell individual components (bed, galley, boxes, etc.). Accessories can be purchased individually, but take note of the product descriptions. Most of our accessories will only work in a Wayfarer Van because all of our components are designed to work together. We don’t want to see a Franken-van out at the trailhead, so we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders placed by non-Wayfarians for Wayfarer-exclusive accessories.


We know it can be hard to wait for your package from Wayfarer Vans, but good things take time. All of our products are handmade at our Colorado Springs location and are put onto the production calendar once we receive your order. Lead times on shipments vary throughout the year, but once your order is placed, you’ll hear from a member of our team letting you know the approximate ship date.

Shipping costs are specific to each item and are updated in your shopping cart.

If shipping outside of the contiguous U.S., or to any unique location that has unusual or difficult access, or a location that requires a ferry, please reach out to us for a custom quote. We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders placed with flat rate shipping to locations outside the contiguous U.S., or to any location where shipping is cost-prohibitive. If you aren’t sure, just drop us a line and we’d be happy to chat with you.

We do not offer custom builds. Of course, where you take your Wayfarer conversion after it is installed is up to you. We provide everything you need – floor, walls, roof, bed, kitchen and storage. You can add on accessories and make modifications to make your Wayfarer one-of-a-kind. We have an owners-only Facebook group where post-install modifications are a popular topic.

We do offer many accessories that we can include in your purchase and install for you. Those items include: Maxx Air Deluxe Vent Fan, Propex heater, vented windows, Goal Zero power station, YetiLink recharging system, Bug Walls, Dometic 972 Portable Toilet, Swivel Seats, and a Dometic CFX electric cooler. Since our conversion is modular, most components of the build can easily be removed, allowing you to personalize your van to fit your needs.

We don’t offer dedicated bathrooms in our builds. They take up lots of space, require ongoing maintenance, and open the door to problems. We do however offer the Dometic 972 portable toilet which fits perfectly inside our standard boot box. There are many different options that work well with our camper van conversions: some that are self composting and cost well over a thousand dollars and others that are as simple as a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet lid. 

Yes – we can install a Single Rear Seat next to the passenger door on all of our van models (except for Wally). View our seat accessory for more details. Note -double or triple rear seats are currently not available through Wayfarer Vans, but may be able to be installed after your Wayfarer Conversion through a third party. 

We offer a Lower Bunk Platform accessory to create a secondary sleeping area. View our bunk accessory for more details.