It all started with a trip to Durango, Colorado.

It was mid-October when we decided to pack up our Honda Element and take a late fall camping trip. The aspen leaves were peaking, and we wanted to have one last mountain bike adventure before packing them away for winter.

We arrived Friday afternoon and found our camp spot, pitched the tent, then took a short trip back to Durango for pizza and beer and to map our adventure for the next day.

The next day started great. The sun was out, the leaves were a golden yellow, and we enjoyed a cool but comfortable temperature during our ride. However, adventure is not found without a little adversity. At the farthest point of the trail, the weather turned sour and we found ourselves underprepared for a cold, wet mountain bike ride. When we finally limped into camp we were exhausted, emotionally and mentally, and retreated into the tent for the rest of the afternoon and evening while the storm got progressively worse.

The next day, still cold and feeling a bit defeated, we packed up a soggy, muddy tent and tossed all of our damp gear, and ourselves, back into the Element.

Then, during the long drive home, we had an idea.

We had researched camper vans long before our trip and found nothing that was simple, affordable, and reliable. We enjoyed the Element, but it was too small for two–if we had something a bit bigger we could have retreated into it, keeping our gear dry and our living space warm, without having to pack up in the rain and mud—it would have saved the trip—rather than sending us home early.

It was then when we decided to make a camper van for people like us.

The van had to be simple, affordable, and usable as a daily driver. During our research we were surprised at how long it took to have a camper van custom built, so we decided that whatever we did it couldn’t waste any time that we could be spending outside. So a year and a half later we launched Wayfarer Vans, a simple camper van that we create within a few weeks of placing the order—and one that leaves more money to be spent on your favorite equipment.

Oh how much we would have loved our Wayfarer camper van, staying warm and dry, during that Durango trip.