RAM ProMaster, 136" Wheel Base, high roof

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Walter Camper Van Conversion Kit

This is the complete Walter Camper Van Conversion Kit for the RAM Promaster 1500 or 2500, 136″ wheelbase, high roof van. If you’re looking for the Wally Conversion Kit for the RAM Promaster City Cargo, click HERE. If you’re looking for the 159″ Walt Conversion Kit, click HERE.

The complete Walter kit comes with: flooring, with integrated cargo management tracks, wall and ceiling paneling with 100% natural wool insulation, perimeter shelving, a kitchen galley with 5 gallon fresh and grey water tanks, sink and hand pump, bed platform, boot box and privacy paneling for the sliding and rear door window areas.

Scroll down to learn more about each included component and view a video walk-through of the Walter kit.

*before placing your order, it is recommended to notify your bank or financial institution to let them know that  you will be placing a transaction.  Large orders, such as our conversion kits, will sometimes flag your bank and decline the transaction.

Walter Camper Van Conversion Kit $8,795.00



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RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Bed Day Lounger Garage
Camper Van Bed Lime Ram
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Simple Teal

Learn more about our Walter BUild


Wheel Well Storage Box

Storage is essential when organizing your van, but just adding boxes and containers to put your stuff in can clutter up your van and make it feel small. That’s why the ‘right’ storage is crucial and why we developed this wheel well storage box, which offers compartment space in an area that’s nearly unusable.

The box is universal, and will fit over either wheel well and is anchored to the floor via our integrated cargo management tracks.  It also comes with a bungee net that attaches to the bottom of the bed frame, so you can use the top of the box as additional shelving for duffels, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. and not have to worry about them flying off when you’re bumping down that dirt road.  And if you need lots of storage, buy two!  With two wheel well boxes installed, it still allows for a 23″ isle down the center of your van.

The overall dimensions of the box is 57″ long x 23.5″ wide x 18″ tall, with two internal compartments measuring 27″ long x 22.5″ wide x 17″ tall.

Hideaway Table

Sometimes you just have more goodies than counter top space…

Whether you’re making an epic camp meal, or sheltering and feeding your friends because the weather is too frightful to stand around the camp fire, or you need a quick work space to jot down some notes on that secret trail head you just heard about, then this sweet hideaway table is probably the solution you’re looking for.  

This table mounts directly under the bed with just a few bolts and a turn of a wrench and measures: 3” tall x 24” wide x 28” long when nested and 2” tall x 22” wide x 25” long when pulled out.  It can be mounted anywhere under the bed: so if you wanted a table that extends out from the rear of the van and out the back doors, awesome!  However, we’ve found that just to the side of the kitchen galley works best.


RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Insulation
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Insulation Panels
diy camper van conversion insulation
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Insulation Panels

Wall and Ceiling Panels

Keep your camper van insulated and comfortable with our wall and ceiling panels.

Each mounting bracket for our wall and ceiling panels are custom made and bolt directly to the existing skeletal structure of the van - no glue, self tapping screws or permanent alterations necessary.  Our panels then bolt directly to the framework using standard machine screws, so you can remove and install panels as you wish with a simple screw driver. 

Since our panels are 100% modular you can comfortably move into your van, assess your needs over a few camp trips and then decide on what's important to you; all before committing to any expensive or permanent modifications.  If its electrical or even a ceiling vent fan you want, then you or whomever is doing the work can easily access behind your walls or ceiling, making quick work.   

Included with our wall and ceiling panels is a natural wool insulation, which has many benefits besides its high R-Value.  Wool is long lasting, suppresses mold and mildew, is fire resistant, has no off gassing and even improves indoor air quality!  We love this product  and not only will you stay comfortable inside your van, you'll also have piece of mind knowing that your living space is healthy and safe.  

RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Kitchen Galley
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Kitchen Galley
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Kitchen Galley Fresh Water
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Kitchen Galley Storage
simple camper van conversion galley

Kitchen Galley

Water containment, storage and counter space all within one removable unit.

Our kitchen galley comes with a five gallon fresh and grey water tank, large sink with matching lid, pump faucet and more space for your cooking essentials than you know what to do with.  Pots, pans, water kettles, stoves, butane, and utensils can all fit easily within one or two compartments, leaving you with even an additional compartment for your s'mores kit and/or favorite dry goods.

Not only will our kitchen galley set you up to be a top rated camp chef but it also doubles as an excellent desk or table space.  With the overhang towards the drivers seat and your swivel chair, you'll be making the best of your casual mornings... french press ready for a hot brew and a trail map spread out, planning that days adventure.


The foundation of your Wayfarer Van.

This floor is meant to take a beating but looks awesome no matter what. For all your adventures and the changing seasons your floor may see: water, mud, dust, rocks, dirt, dogs or who knows what else your active feet may track in.  No matter... it can handle whatever you throw at it and cleans just as easy.

The floor comes as three overlapping pieces with heavy duty vinyl of your choice, a thermal and vapor barrier, cargo management tracks and all the necessary hardware. And once it's in place, you know you have a solid foundation for adventure.

RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Storage Box
affordable camper van galley

Boot Box and Cushion

Storage, seating and a little step up...  This box does more than just hold your boots.

The biggest enemy when traveling in a van is clutter, and those miscellaneous items you're not sure where to put cause the most frustration.  We find ourselves keeping a little bit of everything in our box: fold up shovels, fire wood, hatchets, dirty bike shoes, tackle boxes, and even a spare roll of toilet tissue, or two, have made their way in there.  Plus, we've incorporated a step on the top-side of this "multi-box" because we know you may need a little help crawling into bed after a long, active day outside.  We know we have...

And, with an internal dimension of 24" long x 19" wide x 16.5" tall, this box can even store those more personal, less attractive items, say... a portable toilet... if you so choose.

RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Bed Day Lounger Garage
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Bed Day Lounger Garage
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Bed Day Lounger Garage

Bed Platform/Day Lounger

Large in overall dimension but sleek and sturdy in design.

Our bed platform measures 52" wide x 6'2" long and sits 32" off the ground, giving you ample garage space - perfect for bikes, dog kennels or whatever large toys you want to bring along for your trip.  Worried about structure? Our support angles on either side of the van are custom made from a 1/4" steel and the three cross beams are a slim 2", yet each can carry up to 500lbs.   

This bed's not only made for sleeping... a portion of it can tilt up, allowing it to be used as a day lounger for work or whittling away at a good book.

RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Perimeter Storage
RAM Promaster Camper Van Conversion Kit Perimeter Storage

Perimeter Shelving

Bring it all along!

The perimeter shelving system is housed above the bed platform on either side of your van. Bungee cords make storage easy and lightweight and can be stretched to hold all sorts of awkward, bulky items, such as: sleeping bags, sleeping pads, blankets, pillows, duffels or back packs. Keep your living space neat and orderly while bringing along all the comforts of home!