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Ford Transit 148" Wheel Base, high roof


Purchasing Options and Information

STEP 2: Select the options for your Ford Transit Camper Van

This is the complete Wilford Camper Van Conversion Kit for the Ford Transit, 148” wheel base, long, high roof van.

The complete Wilford kit comes with: insulated flooring, with integrated cargo management tracks, wall and ceiling paneling with 100% natural wool insulation, upper cabinetry, a kitchen galley with 5 gallon fresh and grey water tanks, sink and hand pump, bed platform – measuring 54″ wide x 6’1″ long - with cushions, boot box (with cushion) and privacy paneling for the sliding and rear door window areas.

If you're in need of a van to go along with this conversion we have new vans avaialble through a local dealership partner. Each Ford Transit we have comes with: AWD, 3.5 L eco-boost, dual swivel seats, rear back up camera, tow package, windows in the rear doors, 12v power point in the rear cargo area, 8" touch screen monitor, extended fuel tank, dual batteries, rear window defrosters, cruise control, front and rear split camera, side sensor system and in a variety of different colors. Approximate price for one of our dealership vans is around $52,000 (excluding our conversion).  For more information about purchasing a full pacakge and wrapping the cost of the conversion in with your vehicle loan email us at [email protected].

*before placing your order, it is recommended to notify your bank or financial institution to let them know that you will be placing a transaction. Large orders, such as our conversion kits, will sometimes flag your bank and decline the transaction.

Wilford Camper Van Conversion Kit Composite

Wilford Camper Van Conversion Kit Composite From: $10,750.00


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Wilford Campervan Ford Transit Interior
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Wilford Ford Transit Campervan Interior
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