All of our conversions are made and installed in Colorado Springs. Although we love meeting Wayfarians and sharing coffee shops and camping spots with them, we understand getting to Colorado can be tough. If you can’t drive your van out to Colorado, we also offer van shipping.


  1. You find a new or used van at any dealer or private-party seller. If you want to wrap the cost of our conversion in with your van, we’ll send you a sales order for the dealership.
  2. We’ll arrange to ship your van from your house to our shop. We’ll cover up to $2,000 in shipping.
  3. Our crew transforms your empty van into the camper van of your dreams!
  4. We’ll arrange to ship your van back to your house. That part of the journey will be at your expense, but it can also be rolled into your loan. As an example, here are some recent shipping costs:
    • To Austin, Texas: $1,000
    • To Asheville, NC: $1,500
    • To Bend, OR: $1,600
    • To Burlington, VT: $2,000

– OR –

You can fly to Colorado Springs. We’ll pick you up from the airport, and you can start the road trip of a lifetime in your new camper van!



How long does this take?

  • The whole process takes about 3 weeks if you’re getting a van shipped to and from your house.
  • The whole process takes about 2 weeks if you’re shipping one-way, then flying to Colorado to pick it up.

Where is the van dropped off and picked up from?

  • That’s up to you. A courier can pick up your van at a dealership, your house or office.

How are pickup dates/times scheduled?

  • You’ll get notified by the courier about 24 hours in advance, and again an hour or so before the delivery.

Is the van insured during transport?

  • While you need personal insurance, the courier is insured and is responsible if anything happens to your van while in transit.

How do I set this up?

  • Simply fill out the form below to let us know you are interested in shipping. We’ve done this many times before, so we’ll guide you through it.