Wayfarer Challenge Patch

Get outside and take full advantage of the freedom and adventure that comes with your Wayfarer Van.

You choose your own level of commitment and pledge to add more adventure to your life. Adventure comes in all forms – everything from birdwatching to base jumping.

Pick your challenge – we’re tracking the number of nights we use our Wayfarer Van as our adventure basecamp and pushing ourselves to reach a milestone of 25, 50 or 100 nights. We’ve also introduced the Wayfarer Year Challenge – log 12 consecutive months of camping in your camper van for the ultimate year of adventure!

add more to your adventure life

Which challenge should you commit to? If you’re a once-a month adventurer, the Wayfarer 25 will keep you accountable to your monthly adventures and push yourself outside of your comfort zone to log a trip during some of those cold winter months.

If you live out of your van full-time, commit to the Wayfarer 100 and push yourself to find adventure even on those rainy days when curling up with a book and staying in bed might sound like a better idea.

In addition to a set number of adventures, some of our challenges come with a bonus checklist of items to complete along the way – everything from learning new skills to camping in the cold weather.

The Wayfarer Year is a challenge you can complete simultaneously with other challenges – it is a commitment to log 12 months of consecutive adventure. Start in January as a New Year’s resolution, or start anytime you choose.

Join The Wayfarer Challenge

Wayfarer 25 Patch - graphic of van set against mountains and trees with a bronze sun setting on the horizon
Wayfarer 50 Patch - graphic of van set against mountains with a night sky with a silver moon and stars
Wayfarer 100 Patch - graphic of van set against mountains with waterfall and gold setting sun on the horizon


Sign up for the free challenge that fits you.


Download your adventure log to track your adventures.


Go for it!


Share the stoke – tag your adventure photos #WayfarerChallenge and #Wayfarer25, #Wayfarer50, #Wayfarer100 or #WayfarerYear.


Cross the finish line. Log completion of your challenge on our Wayfarer Challenge Hall of Fame page. We’ll send you some sweet swag and a Wayfarer Challenge sticker to add to your rig to commemorate the occasion and add your name to our Hall of Fame.

Where you take this challenge is up to you. Finish this year, next year, heck make it a five-year-goal, that’s fine with us too. Check out our Wayfarer Challenge FAQ for more information and ideas on how to make the challenge your own.

Please remember the importance of respecting all local guidance with respect to travel and COVID. Adventure can happen within your own community and respect all social distancing recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason we come to work every day at Wayfarer Vans is to inspire people to get outside. We love making affordable and quality camper vans, but if they aren’t put to use, then we aren’t fulfilling our mission. The Wayfarer Challenge is designed to create a community of like-minded Wayfarians who are using their vans to add more adventure to their lives.

Anytime you want! You can sign up for the Wayfarer Challenge at any time. There is also no time limit for completing the challenge. Sign up today and let’s make it official!

We’ve got options! 

  • You can download and print the official Wayfarer Challenge adventure log and check off each adventure as you complete it.
  • You can also make your own tracker – already have an adventure journal, make yourself a checklist, add a post-it note to your van’s galley and give yourself a tally mark. We don’t care how you do it, we just want you to track your adventures as a motivator to add more adventure to your life.

What you make of the challenge is up to you. Ask yourself what you are hoping to get out of this challenge. Are you trying to find new places to camp – then yes, let’s get you to 25 different campsites. Are you a nervous camper who has yet to take your van on its maiden voyage – okay, let’s start with small steps and camp in your driveway for two nights. We aren’t here to make rules to trip you up, we are here to encourage you on your commitment to add more adventure and joy to your life.

Does a weekend camping trip in your van count as 1 adventure or 2 nights of adventure? Does camping in your van at a trailhead and starting a 3-night backpacking trip count as 1 adventure or 4? What if you live full-time in your van, does every day count as an adventure?

This challenge is not about compliance and complicated rules. It’s about your own personal commitment to adventure and remembering what drew you to the camper van life in the first place. Here is how we are defining a night of adventure: each night that your camper van is used as a basecamp that helps you create connections with the outdoors. So for us if we take our van out on a Friday night, camp at a trailhead and then go on a one night backpacking trip, we’d count that as two of our adventure nights towards the Wayfarer Challenge.

Great! We’d love for you to make it official and complete our Wayfarer Challenge sign up here. We also encourage you to share your commitment with your friends and adventure buddies, either in person or through social media.

Heck yes, that’s awesome! We’d love to help celebrate your accomplishment. Complete our Wayfarer Challenge finisher form here, and we’ll send you Wayfarer Challenge stickers for each challenge you finish. 

Adventures aren’t just about the destination, it’s all about the journey to get there. It’s the same thing with the Wayfarer Challenge, each one is designed to be a separate commitment to adventure. If you’ve finished one challenge, sign up for another and start tracking your adventures again.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if we can help you with anything.