Wayfarer Challenge Finishers

You’ve embraced the call of the wild, taken the Wayfarer Challenge, and added more adventure to your life. Whether it’s stargazing or scaling mountains, you’ve celebrated the freedom and thrill of your Wayfarer Van.

Your Wayfarer Van has been the portal to unforgettable experiences, and you’ve proved that the spirit of adventure knows no bounds. Keep exploring, keep living boldly, and keep the Wayfarer spirit alive!

Please fill out the form below and we’ll send you some sweet swag and a Wayfarer Challenge sticker to add to your rig to commemorate the occasion and add your name to our Hall of Fame.

Please send your favorite picture from your Wayfarer Challenge (we won’t share your picture unless you gave permission via the question above) and your completed Wayfarer Challenge adventure log to:

[email protected]

Wayfarer Challenge Patch