Ram ProMaster, 159″ wheelbase, high roof


Your Conversion

This is the complete Walt Camper Van Conversion for the RAM ProMaster 2500 or 3500, 159″ wheelbase, high roof van. Not compatible with extended length models. We can install your conversion in an empty new or used cargo van (years 2014 to present).


Wayfarer Vans Walt RAM Promaster Camper Van

What’s included:


floor, cargo tracks, walls, 100% wool insulation, soft panels, sound-deadening subfloor insulation


kitchen galley with fold down leaf (includes 5-gallon fresh and gray water tanks, sink and hand pump) storage cubby, three high-back boot boxes, Lagun swivel table


upgraded 5” thick memory foam mattress (58″ wide x 6’1″ sleeping surface), bed platform has grooves for ventilation, and the platform extends all the way to the back door. Can upgrade to long bed layout as well (54″ wide x 7′ sleeping surface).

Finishing Touches

integrated LED puck lights in the ceiling, insulated partition to separate the cab, magnetic window coverings for your rear factory windows

Want More? Don’t worry, you can add accessories if you want to as well.

Campervan Cozy Galley

Adaptable and Modular Layouts

Campervan Picnic

Nothing to Maintain

Quick Installation

Quality Construction and Materials


We use a premium 9-ply solid-core Baltic Birch that has been UV treated to be water and scratch resistant.

Campervan wheel well Panel cover

Soft Panels

These contour to every curve of your van. They add insulation and a finished look while allowing for easy removal if you need to run wires or even for a quick wash

Hard Panels

The walls, ceiling, trim and cabinet doors are laminated composite material. They are scratch and water resistant, contain recycled materials and lend themselves to further DIY projects as they can be routed, cut or drilled into.


The fabric we use is durable, stain, water resistant, washable and made from post consumer recycled material. You can also upgrade to custom cushions if you want to send us your own fabric.

Van Details

Need a van? Wayfarer Vans’ trusted dealer partners provide a concierge-level service to find you the right van with all your desired features. New dealership vans start at approximately $50,000, excluding our conversion. A baseline ProMaster works great for our conversions, and for those wanting all the features recommended by our team, we suggest adding the SLT Package, Premium Convenience Group, and Advanced Safety Group. Here are a few of the features we love that come with these three combined options:

RAM ProMaster 159" High Roof Campervan

For more information on ordering a new van and wrapping the cost of the conversion with your vehicle loan, drop us a line on our contact form.

Why We Like This Van

The RAM ProMaster 159” wheelbase high roof van offers the most living space of any van in our lineup, and we think it is the perfect basecamp for your adventures. It has plenty of room to hold all of your adventure gear, but is still easy to drive.

Reasons you’ll love this van:

Living Space

It has the biggest living area of any van in our lineup. Great for a family or those who like more breathing room.

Storage Space

It packs the most storage space with three boot boxes to hold all your gear.

Long Sleeps

It’s the only van that accommodates our long bed accessory, offering a 6’8” bed length.

Shorter Wait Time

Compared to Ford vans, RAM vans have a shorter waiting time at the dealership.

Also consider:


The standing height inside the van is 6’2”.

Front Wheel Drive

Unless you are planning on doing a lot of remote backcountry travel, AWD is not necessary. We have driven this van on dirt and snow-packed roads to get to our favorite camping and ski spots. Our conversion is fairly light in the back of the van, so front wheel drive works well under the weight of the engine.

Available Accessories

Add now, add later, or don’t add any at all. It’s up to you!


You can find your own van, or reach out to us to buy new through our dealership partners.




Make and Model

RAM ProMaster 159” Wheelbase, high roof, cargo van


2014 to Current

Exterior Length


Exterior Height


Interior Height



Front wheel drive


Bed Platform

72”L x 65”W


69”L x 54”W


23.5”L x 26”W x 35”H

Fold-Down Leaf

23.5”L x 16.5”W

Lagun Table

20”L x 24”W


23.5”L x 9.5”W x 35”H

Boot Box

20.5”L x 20”W x 18”H (seat), 33.5”H (backrest)


Approx. Wait for Dealership Van

2-6 Months

New Van Price (can vary depending on vehicle options)

approx. $50,000

Wayfarer Price


Complete Van + Conversion Price

approx. $74,500