Need a vent fan?  We have you covered!

We now install the Maxx Air Deluxe vent fan the same day as your kit installation.  Don’t sweat over how you’re going to arrange a fan install, or research doing it yourself – wondering if you’re going to do it right or cut the whole in the wrong place. We professionally install the fan, from the initial prep and cut right down to the sealant and wiring.

Furthermore, we’ve chosen the best fan for you.  The Maxx Air Deluxe has 10 speeds, can reverse itself for either exhaust or intake, can be opened as a standard vent with no air circulation and the best part… can be used in the rain.  With it’s special rain guard you wont get stuck between a rock and a hard place when you’re trying to exhaust the heat and humidity out of your van while its simultaneously coming down outside.

Don’t worry about setting up a separate appointment.  Purchase a fan along with your kit and we’ll know to schedule it the same day.




Maxx Air Deluxe Vent Fan $750.00