Don’t let winter freeze out your plans. We can install the Olympian Wave 3 Heater with your Wayfarer conversion. Your purchase includes mounting of the heater to the side of the passenger side storage box, as well as hosing and a regulator connected to a 5 pound propane tank that is secured inside the box. 

This compact catalytic heater does not have a flame, flue or chimney. Heats up to 230 sq. Ft. with 1600 to 3000 BTUs and a safety shut-off valve. The self-generating piezo starter lasts for around 20,000 starts. No fan or blower means completely silent operation. The heater will raise the temperature in the van by 25-33 degrees. 

Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube video on how we heat our Wayfarer Van with an Olympian Wave 3 Heater.

Safety precautions: Read all manufacturer instructions prior to use. Only use in a vented area – leave window or vent open during operation. Disconnect propane hose prior to driving. Pair with necessary safety alarms to monitor for fire, carbon monoxide and propane leaks.

Product notes: 

  • Only available as an accessory to our conversion in Colorado Springs.
  • Installation is included with purchase.
  • Not recommended for the Wally build.

Olympian Wave 3 Heater $400.00