Storage is essential when organizing your van, but just adding boxes and containers to put your stuff in can clutter up your van and make it feel small. That’s why the ‘right’ storage is crucial and why we developed this wheel well storage box, which offers compartment space in an area that’s nearly unusable.

The box is universal, fits over either wheel well, and is anchored to the floor via our integrated cargo management tracks. It also comes with a bungee net that attaches to the bottom of the bed frame, so you can use the top of the box as additional shelving for duffels, sleeping bags, pillows, etc., and not have to worry about them flying off when you’re bumping down that dirt road. And if you need lots of storage, buy two! With two-wheel well boxes installed, it still allows for a 23″ aisle down the center of your van.

The overall dimensions of the box is 57″ long x 23.5″ wide x 18″ tall, with two internal compartments measuring 27″ long x 22.5″ wide x 17″ tall.

Wheel Well Storage Box $495.00