A Wayfarer Van is a camper van created for everyday adventures.

A Wayfarer Van beckons, always ready, pushing you to the next unseen place on the map.

It’s as comfortable carrying you to your favorite trail head or surf spot as it is for an extended trip. A Wayfarer Van will not overwhelm you with unnecessary extravagance and distracting features that you’d rarely use. At Wayfarer, we value simplicity over amenities, leaving room to enjoy the experience.

A Wayfarer Van provides you with the essentials—a comfortable place for two to sit, sleep, and eat; a mobile base camp that offers a warm, dry place for you and your gear to recharge from one adventure to the next.

We strive to make owning a camper van easy, knowing that having a traveling comfort zone may make the difference between getting out there and not. There are no complex systems to break down with our camper kit. We make installation simple, and it requires no special knowledge or tools and no permanent alterations to the van. We send each component pre-assembled and finished, putting you in the fast lane to the great outdoors. We also intend for our camper kits to be used, knowing full well there will be dents, dings, and scratches from your adventures. The material we make our kits from can take a beating but don’t fret if it gets beat up, it’ll only become part of the story.

If you’re not sure of the right gear to fill out your Wayfarer Van, we can help. Head over to our recommended products page, where each piece of gear has been hand selected and tested to meet our rigorous criteria. Each item we’ve selected integrates well with our kit, is simple, functional, and easy to use. Keep all the gear in your Wayfarer Van—the only thing you’ll have to do is pick a place on the map and turn your key in the ignition.


Will the Camper Kit fit the passenger version of the Promaster City?

Unfortunately our kit is not compatible with the passenger version. Our kit requires a completely blank cargo van, where as the passenger version has many differences that does not allow our components to fully integrate.

Do cushions come with the Camper Boxes?

Yes, when you select the Camper Boxes of your choice, Denim, Olive or Burgundy you will also receive the cushions.

What are the dimensions of the kitchen box compartments?

Each compartment is 14" deep x 12.5" tall x 18.5" wide, we also provide shelving and pins so you can organize each compartment. Also we have hand selected a cooler and two burner stove, both that fit well inside the compartments and can found on our recommended products page.

What about a toilet?

If you really feel a toilet is necessary we recommend the "GO anywhere portable toilet" by Cleanwaste. It folds up into a briefcase size and can be stored in one of our camper boxes or a roof pod.

Is installation free if I decide to have you install my kit?

Yes installation is free, in fact we would love for you to come by our shop. A lot of new Wayfarer owners decide to make it a vacation when picking up their kit. We just ask that you coordinate with us first so we can have everything ready. We can even recommend some great camping for your maiden voyage.

Does your Camper Kit work with the partition installed?

We use every square inch in order to fully optimize the cargo space, therefore if your van has a bulkhead you will have to remove it. However if it's privacy that you are looking for when using your camper van we recommend a simple tension rod and a curtain to block any peepers looking in through the front of your van.

What's the height of the boxes?

All boxes are 13" tall

How much does a full kit weigh?

A full kit weighs approximately 200 lbs, with it there is only a marginal loss in miles per gallon. With our personal Wayfarer Van we still get 25 mpg/hwy, with a roof pod and a fully loaded camper van.

Do the panels provide insulation?

Yes they provide great insulation as well as sound dampening.

What is the height from the top of the box cushion to the ceiling?

From the top of the cushion to the ceiling is 34".

How quickly can I get a kit?

Typically from when we receive the order to when its ready to be dropped off for packaging is 2-3 weeks. There may be instances where we can have a kit ready sooner.

What if I want solar, ventilation or other amenities in my Wayfarer?

Since our camper kit is modular and nothing is permanently installed you can always remove components of our kit to run certain infrastructure needed for solar, lighting, heating etc. then re install that component of our kit. We want to give you the living space at an affordable price, then as your needs arise we can make recommendations for items you may want to permanently install.

Can I get samples of the options before ordering a kit?

Yes, we would be happy to send you a sample packet of the cushion colors, floor finishes and panels. Just email us with your address, a sample packet is free.

What is the dimension of the full bed platform?

When the leaf is folded over the bed platform measures 47" (4') wide by 80" long (6'7").

Do you make kits for other vans?

Currently we only offer a Camper Kit for the RAM Promaster City and the Ram Promaster high roof, 136" wheel base. However we will be expanding into other van models, so stay tuned or shoot us an email to let us know which one you are considering or to inquire which van we may be currently prototyping.

Do the cushions that come with the boxes also make up the bed?

The cushions that come with the Camper Boxes will make up one side of the bed. We also recognize that everyone has different sleeping preferences and may not like our cushions to sleep on. Therefore we recommend some very plush, adjustable, sleeping pads on our recommended products page that fit well inside the bed box.

Where can I see a Wayfarer in person?

We have owners across the country so there may be one in your local area or near by. Feel free to email us where you live and we can put you in touch with a Wayfarer Van owner. Or, our Wayfarer Vans ambassador, Shanna Trenholm, is located in San Diego. So if you're in her area and want to chat about anything Wayfarer Vans feel free to email her at hello@averagewhitevan.com

How is a kit packaged for shipping?

A full kit is packaged on a pallet and shipped via freight. If you do not have the ability to receive a pallet at your residence we can work with you to determine the best location to have it delivered.

Can you transport more than two people in a Wayfarer Van?

A Wayfarer Van can only legally transport two, transporting any other person(s) in the back of the van may be illegal and depends on your states seat belt laws. A Wayfarer Van is not an RV, therefore does not fall under the same road rules as an RV.

Can I wash the cushion covers?

Yes, washing them in cold water and air drying them will work or have them spot or dry cleaned.

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