Story by Alex Embry |

March 9, 2022 |

Wayfarer Vans: How are your currently traveling in your van?

Allison: I am currently traveling full time in my van with my husband Michael in our Wayfarer van here. The van has changed the way we travel immensely because we actually live in it. As opposed to our apartment. We used to do travel like weekend warrior-style in the back of our Jeep. So this was a major upgrade to our lifestyle when we were working corporate jobs. And, eventually, when we got this van, it inspired us to transition into that full-time remote-work live-in-the-van lifestyle that we’re currently doing.

WV: What has been your most memorable experience with your van?

Allison: So, over the last two years, we’ve had so many memorable experiences in this van. But probably one of our favorite experiences is when we first hit the road. We had a big loop of the Western U.S. up through Colorado, into Idaho and into Canada. And those experiences from that first initial road trip that we did are some of my favorite.

I remember driving into Banff and just being mind-blown by everything that we were seeing there. Camping there was amazing. Going to all the hot springs, it was just a really really special adventure that I’ll never forget.

WV: Why did you go with a Wayfarer Van?

Allison: So, the reason we decided to go with the Wayfarer van when we first started looking at vans, was that it was a really affordable way for us to get something that we liked, and that was comfortable; that fit our lifestyle.

My husband and I are really into outdoor adventure: backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing. So we needed a lot of space, which the Wayfarer vans have tons of storage space. And then we also wanted kind of a simple, efficient design. And we love that.

Then, the price was just super monumental in us making this choice. Because we didn’t have a lot of money to invest right away and a lot of the custom builds out there were way out of our price range. This really met us where we were at and, honestly, we couldn’t be happier with the setup that we have. After living in it for two-and-a-half years, we still really love everything about this. And, while we’ve made minor tweaks ourselves like installing a few little extra amenities like solar panels, we really love this lifestyle and love this van setup. It suited our needs perfectly. Yeah, I wouldn’t change it.

One of the things that we really loved about the Wayfarer van, is that because the build wasn’t overly complex, we can tinker around with some of the amenities we added and didn’t add or tweak things easily:

So, for instance, some of the upgrades we’ve made to the van are: we installed an electric pump for our water…instead of a hand pump.

My husband also installed electrical in the van and it was so easy because we just popped off these panels and installed electrical pretty simply and our vent fan as well.

Those are all things that I think now Ian and his team at Wayfarer vans will do for you, but at the time we did that more custom ourselves.

We’ve also added in solar, which is essential for us being full-time on the road. We have a goal Zero linked up to some lead acid batteries. And that powers our fridge, our lights, our vent fan and yeah, it’s basically powers us on the road.

Even in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic we even used this as the hub for working out of, because coffee shops weren’t open, we couldn’t go to coffee shops so we had to power our laptops and even through that it worked really well for us. So, those are some of the biggest upgrades, we’ve made to this van but they make our lives just a little bit more comfortable. Especially being on the road full time.