Story by Alex Embry |

October 28, 2019 |

Backpacking in our Custom Conversion Vans Video Transcription:

Hey Everybody! This is Ian from Wayfarer Vans and we encourage you to get out there and use your van in other capacities.

So come along with us on this Backpacking trip and we’ll show you how we use our van as a jumping off point for bigger adventures.

Step 1: Trip Planning

Okay so Trip planning, probably the most important part of a successful backpacking trip.

Is knowing the objective, where you’re going to go, who you’re going to travel with, ya how to stay safe. Gather your friends around and make sure that you’re all in agreement.

Step 2: Prepping the Van

Okay so we’re here in the garage. We brought the van around and we’re going to get some mental notes on what’s actually in the van.

Plenty of Paper Towels
Camp Stove
Knife toothpaste
Kitchen gear
Check our sink

Need to clean out gray water tank – clean that out as often as you can.

Fresh water tank a little empty – we should fill that up

What’s in our box here?

This for.. well you know what and this for you know what.

This is a mess in here from..

A bit dirty, we should clean out the sink, clean out the gray water tank, but it looks like we have pretty much everything we need.

Step 3: Gear Organization

Alight, so the vans prepped we have a location picked and everyone’s on board with that.

So now we’re in the gear garage. This is our garage here full of all sorts of fun toys, but since this is a backpacking trip, we’re going to go to our Backpacking shelf.

We got a…

  1. Hammock
  2. Two sleeping bags
  3. Camp pads
  4. Quick drying towel
  5. Little pillow
  6. Extra butane
  7. A solar charger – for cell phones or whatever
  8. Water filtration system
  9. Paracord
  10. Some Waterproof matches
  11. Bear Mace – definitely bring some bear mace
  12. Fly rod – we bring the fly rod along with us to just to kind of kill some time
  13. And finally just our Tent here

So we throw it in our backpacking bags and we know we have the absolute essentials for our trip.

Step 4: Packing

So we are ready for our backpacking trip. Um we got Austin here the Chief Journey Architect of Wayfarer Vans. You’ve probably recognized him from some other videos. We dragged you along for this backpacking trip. You are loaded up man. Got it all!

Alright, we were a little late getting into camp last night. Hiking in into 10 o clock. Got camp setup. Rachel’s getting ready right there. Austin is lacing up. Alright.

Ran into some weather. Had to turn around. Not all bad though. Quite the adventure. Austin and Rachel right there. Beautiful scenery though Holy cow.

Look at this view Holy cow

Did you just hear that?

What? Dude I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You guys here that? I mean, It sounds pretty close.


Yeah, I can smell it. You guys don’t smell that? It smells like bear man.

I don’t know.

This is what you get when you take a Texan backpacking. Holster up buddy, out that away.

I wish we didn’t spend so much time at the raspberries. We spent like 4 hours there. I know man it really killed our pace. I’m beat.

Uhhhh Guys?

Oh right there. Alright. That’s not so bad.

Awesome man. That was sweet. Well that concludes our Backpacking video. We hope that you had a great time with us learned some takeaways. Be organized at home, do a quick inventory of the van, trip itineraries are super important too.

And so by all means we’re no sort of experts at this and we just hope that having a van is a nice way to store all your gear, gets you out further, and then maybe that’s just a nice safe basecamp for you to venture off on some other excursions.

You may not be totally inclined to go backpacking but hey we hope this really inspires you to use your van as a basecamp as a stepping off point to other things so Awesome.

That concludes our trip and uh we’ll see you on the next adventure.

Thanks for joining us y’all!


Oh definitely.

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