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August 7, 2023 |

Over eight years and nearly 1,000 van builds, we’ve learned that no person’s needs are the same on the road, nor is there preference for their camper van layout. Some folks stick with the out-of-the-box Wayfarer Van setup for the entirety of the conversion’s lifetime. For others, head-to-toe personalization better suits their needs.

It’s for this reason that we put modularity first and are one of very few camper van companies that make the interior adjustable.

What does that mean, you ask? A complete lineup of Wayfarian-informed camper vans that are easily modified to be as unique as you and your travels.

interior shot of a camper van conversion made in Colorado

The problem with stationary furniture

While big name campervan layouts may be well thought out (the ones with endless bells and whistles), most of these companies design their interior around the multitude of things they’re packing into the van. Sure, they want you to be comfortable, but they are also limited in their arrangement due to the extensive “gotta have it” assumptions (read: shower, toilet, oven, dishwasher….). Another inconvenient byproduct of this approach is limited space to move around and stretch out with your friends and significant others (you too, doggos).

For us, modularity in a campervan is a crucial consideration when shopping. Without it, you can’t customize the function of your interior, and that can be a real problem after logging some miles with the gear that means the most to you (bikes, crash pads, kayaks, etc.) and identifying tweaks to improve your on-the-road comfort and lifestyle.

Modularity: How does it work for a Wayfarer Van?

Thanks to a sleek L-track floor and bolt-down system, any Wayfarer Van interior can be rearranged to your liking using one tool and one tool only: a 9/16 wrench. For the drop leaf and cubby, you only need a Phillips head screwdriver and a ⅜ socket.

Our L-tracks were selected for their solid structure, durability and wide variety of mounting options, making them the perfect anchoring system for our components. As long as the furniture is bolted down tight, you’ll never have to worry about projectiles.

Modular furniture comes standard in every Wayfarer model and includes our bootboxes, kitchen galley, with drop leaf extension and Lagun table, and even wheel well boxes! Promasters come equipped with all that and an additional cubby. And, thanks to thoughtful design and plentiful interior space, each piece is simple to move.

Here’s the weight of each component (excluding gear or water):

Bootbox: 30 lbs.
Cubby: 35 lbs.
Wheel well box: 51 lbs.
Kitchen galley: 85 lbs.

L-track showing how Wayfarer Vans' bootbox is mounted to the floor

Practical configurations for practical people

Depending on your setup, adventure style, and general interior use, you can set up the Wayfarer Van for just about any purpose.

Like to face your significant other during a card game on the mountain? Simply keep your boot boxes mounted to the side walls (the way they come from our Colorado Springs facility).

Or, maybe you’re an open-door enthusiast that would rather face forward near the sliding door to gaze at the great outdoors. We’re in! Just loosen the 9/16 bolt and turn the boot box 90 degrees.

Prefer a passenger side galley? It takes just minutes to flip the kitchen and make camp view cooking a reality.

Long story short, it’s easy to change your Wayfarer layout and we encourage Wayfarians to test them all. Rearrange the van at home or adjust on-the-fly while you’re at camp!

Expand your storage as time goes on

Our modular design provides the added benefit of saving money on your initial campervan build. Most of our accessories, like the upper cabinets for the Promasters and wheel well box for all vans, can be shipped assembled and are designed for easy installation. So you can channel your inner hermit crab and add more storage to your van when you’ve outgrown your initial setup.

Operation Dumbo Drop (aka cargo space)

Can you fit an elephant in a Wayfarer Van? We haven’t tried, probably won’t, and don’t recommend it. But you can certainly leverage your van for moving lots of stuff.

Wayfarer Vans easily converts to “cargo mode” when you remove all of the furniture. Get a new couch, load up on mulch, buy a dirt bike… the sky’s the limit (ok, technically the van ceiling). Please note that single rear seats and wheel well boxes with the Propex heater cannot be removed, though there’s still lots of room for transporting.

Cargo space (aka garage) in Wayfarer Vans

Lagun Table Extravaganza

In addition to modular furniture, our rotating Lagun Table can be mounted to any of four pre-drilled locations on the front or side of the bootbox. With its ability to both swivel and rotate 360 degrees, the result is table access nearly anywhere in the van. And for those southpaws (aka left handers), you can mount the table on the left hand side of the box. Channel your inner Tolstoy and get to work on that hand-written novel, or just enjoy a bowl of cereal in comfort…

In Sum(mary)

At Wayfarer Vans, it’s our philosophy that modularity is better, and that your van is a reflection of who you are. You’re the reason we put modularity first, and we’re proud to offer a lineup that is easily modified to be as unique as you and your travels.

Whatever your preference, the new Wayfarer interior is your canvas on which to paint.

Seeking inspiration and creative ideas? Search other Wayfarians’ van setups on Instagram using #wayfarervans.

group of friends enjoying dinner in a camper van conversion