Our Purpose

To be a Wayfarer means to travel by manner of simplicity.  Without the added distractions we are allowed to focus on our environment, immersing ourselves through activity, crossing that gap from observer to participant.  We understand that genuine happiness is discovered at that magical point of interaction. 

At Wayfarer Vans this is our belief. We take along only the things we need to fully immerse ourselves – a place to sit and sleep, nourishment, some comfort items and a bit of favored gear to connect ourselves with the outdoors. Mobility is our constant, allowing us to choose our experience freely from moment to moment.

Wayfarer Van’s purpose is to make affordable, unique camper van kits, giving you the ability to transform a cargo van into a camper van with just a screwdriver and socket wrench. Everything you need is ordered here, then delivered and installed quickly, allowing you enough time in the day still to go out and discover.

What We Value