Story by Ian Horgan |

August 31, 2017 |

Hey Wayfarer Fans!

We are excited to announce our newest modular camper van kit, Walter, which is designed for the 136” wheelbase, high roof Promaster.

Just like our Promaster City conversion kit, this one is 100% modular. Meaning you can remove or re-install each component with a few simple tools and no permanent alterations to the van.

If you felt our Promaster City camper kit was just a bit too small, you can now venture into parts unknown or feel comfortable taking longer road trips in a camper van that lends itself to more living space.

So what’s included in the kit?

  • All wall and ceiling panels insulated with Reflectix®;
  • A kitchen galley with large countertop, pump faucet and sink, quick disconnect plumbing for your fresh and grey water holding tanks (also included), and lots of storage for cooking gear, dry food, and non-perishables;
  • Flooring with integrated cargo management tracks to secure equipment;
  • Soft paneling for wheel wells, window surfaces and other small spaces;
  • A bed platform, including cushions, that partially hinges and can be secured upright to be used as a day lounge;
  • A small bench seat, including cushion, that doubles as storage and as a way to step up into bed; and
  • Perimeter shelving that includes adjustable bungees to strap down all your essential camp gear—pillows, sleeping bags, extra blankets, etc.

We know that Wayfarer Van owners are active, so we made sure to leave plenty of garage space under the bed for essential equipment such as bikes, skis, or bulky camping items like awnings and camp chairs. However, you may also want more drawers or cabinetry in the space below the bed and we have taken that into consideration. So, with our integrated cargo management tracks already in the floor we anticipate coming out with accessory storage options, which will give you the ability to plug it in and organize your travel gear even more.

So you’re probably wondering what the cost of the conversion is…

A full conversion package costs $8,795 and we can install the entire thing in about two hours. Therefore you can pre-order your kit from us a few weeks ahead of time, show up, have it installed and you’ll be out camping in your new (bigger) Wayfarer Van that afternoon!

And, if you’re wondering how much a typical 136” wheelbase, high roof Ram Promaster is we’ve included that information for you, as well.

Used they sell anywhere from $18,500 to $22,000, depending on options, mileage, and year. New they sell anywhere from $26,500 to $39,000, depending on options. Therefore, with the Walter conversion package you can be out camping and exploring in a complete Wayfarer Van for as little as $27,295.

If you’d like more information about the van, or options at the various prices levels, let us know and we can point you to some of our local dealerships and their inventory. Plus, you might like to know that you can finance the cost of the conversion kit with the loan of the vehicle.  To do so and whether you’re looking at a van at one of our recommended dealerships or in your local area, all they need is an invoice from us and our EIN number (business recognition number) and they can add the conversion to the total cost of your loan.

Lastly, since we are just launching Walter, this kit will only be available for local pickup with free installation; we’ll inform everyone if shipping becomes available. For any other information or questions about the kit please email us at [email protected].