You’ve decided on a Wayfarer Van, but now you have to decide if you want a Ford Transit or a RAM ProMaster. Both are great vans, but there are pros and cons to each depending on what is most important to you.

Don’t sweat the decision, we’ve helped many folks think through this same question before and are happy to share what we’ve learned from converting more than 800 vans.

Here is a basic rundown of the different makes and models:

Make/ModelFord Transit High Roof 148”Ford Transit Medium Roof 148”RAM ProMaster High Roof 136”RAM ProMaster High Roof 159”
Wayfarer BuildWilfordWilmaWalterWalt
(standard or long bed)
Exterior Length19'8"19'8"17'9"19'8"
Exterior Height9'2"8'3"8'6"8'6"
Interior Height6'4"5'8"6'2"6'2"
Bed Length6'1"6'1"6'1"6'1" or 6'8"
Drivetrain*All wheel driveAll wheel driveFront wheel driveFront wheel drive
Approx. Wait for New Dealership Van
(as of July 2022)
Typically 10-14 monthsTypically 10-14 monthsTypically 2-6 monthsTypically 2-6 months
New Van PriceApprox: $62kApprox: $60kApprox: $48kApprox: $50k
Wayfarer Price$11,530$11,100$10,630$12,280
Total Van + Build PriceApprox: $73kApprox: $71kApprox: $59kApprox: $62k

What is most important to you?


Our conversions are compatible with three different wheelbase lengths:

  • 136” ProMaster
  • 148” Transit, high roof and mid roof
  • 159” ProMaster

The shorter wheelbase options offer a more nimble driving experience in the city. The longer wheelbase options offer more room for living space and storage for toys like bikes and kayaks.

Standing Height

Looking for the lowest-profile option, the Wilma Ford Transit Mid Roof is the one for you.
Want the most standing room possible, the Wilford Ford Transit High Roof is the one for you.

Bed Length

Most folks curl up when they sleep anyways, but if you want the longest possible sleeping experience, we only offer our long bed layout for the Walt Ram ProMaster High Roof 159”.


If you are planning on doing a lot of remote backcountry travel, you may want to go with the AWD provided by the Ford Transit.

*Note that some Transits come in RWD, but it is not typical of the dealership vans we source.

Most folks will find that the ProMaster’s FWD is more than capable for travel on dirt and gravel forest service roads and on snow-packed roads to our favorite ski spots.


If you are looking to order a new van from a dealership, the ProMasters will likely have a shorter wait. Trust us, we’re tired of these unprecedented times too and look forward to when all the dealership lots are full again. But until then, you’re going to be waiting a while for a new Transit van for a Wilford or Wilma conversion.


If you are budget-conscious, the ProMaster may be a better choice for you. When you are looking at the cost of a new van and the Wayfarer converison, a Walter ProMaster will come in around $14,000 less than a Wilford Transit. (Also, while we’re here, AWD Sprinters run around $88k, so that’s why you won’t see us converting a Mercedes anytime soon.)

Now the only thing left to decide is where you will go on your first adventure in your Wayfarer Van!

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