Story by Ian Horgan |

January 21, 2018 |

Meet Millie, Our Brand Ambassador’s Van!

A few weeks ago, Shanna, our brand ambassador, along with her van, Millie, was featured on her friend’s popular YouTube channel. Her friend, Andrew Ditton, is from the U.K. He lives in his Airstream full-time and is a campervan and caravan (travel trailer) journalist and chairman of the Caravan Writer’s Guild. He was in Southern California with Shanna to hang out, do a bit of road tripping, and take in some sunshine.

inside bed of camper van

This video should give you a good overview of what the original Wayfarer Vans kit (Wally), for the Promaster City, is like. The van is compact, maneuverable, and gets great mpg—it’s easy to park anywhere and can be used as your daily driver.

If you are looking for a bigger van, with more storage and the ability to stand up, check out Walter, the latest addition to the Wayfarer Vans family.

So, without further ado, below is the video tour—take a look—and let us know what you think!

After you’ve checked out the video tour, if you have any questions about either the Wally or the Walter kit you can contact us at Wayfarer Vans. And, if you have questions for Shanna about her gear, her set-up, or her experience with the Wayfarer Kit, you can reach her here.