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Happy Campers

Testimonials from Wayfarer Wanderers

Elissa M

I’m probably gonna echo every other five star review on here… but here it goes. When I began my research…

Devin P

“the Van is incredibly awesome and can’t imagine anyone would find anything better for the price.”

Lester S.

“Did a search for camper kits and found Wayfarer Vans – that was the eureka moment I’d been waiting for”

Jharad E

“I would absolutely, with out a doubt, purchase this product again and again!”

Shaun and Alison

“We absolutely love our van and cannot thank the Wayfarer team enough… Adventure awaits!”

Judy G

“I cannot wait any longer to write this review. I was putting it off because I didn’t know quite how…

Joey L

“If I’m being totally honest, I like my Wayfarer van more than I like my Mercedes!!”

Van User

“Very well-designed package, with incredible practical items.”

Sean C.

“The design and materials are pretty amazing.”

Jim Grenadier

“We’ve had a great experience with our Wayfarer Van.”

Richard Dunn

“It was a pleasure doing business with Wayfarer Vans, everything fit perfectly.  We had one little glitch that they fixed…

Anita H.

“ The panels and floor really reduce the road noise and keep my dogs nice and cozy in the back.”

Rich Eaton

“However, after contacting them with a few questions, Ian responded very quickly with thoughtful answers.”

Rodney and Alice Hendrickson

“After several months, even years, of studying small campervan options, Alice and I decided the best option for us would…

Heather Schultz

“Thank you, Wayfarer Vans, for making adventuring easy!”

Team Funkatana

“The idea of a high end campervan within financial reach was amazing.”

Rodney Hendrickson

“We are just so excited about our Wayfarer Van that it is hard to stop talking, or writing about it.”

Julie Wolfe

“So excellent! Ian and Ken were great! Love this van”

Jon G

“Ron Swanson would be impressed by the craftsmanship”

Dale B

“The kit from Wayfarer is what makes it perfect: inexpensive, well-designed, durable, and installed in under an hour!”