Story by Alex Embry |

January 4, 2020 |

What the Van Build Journey is Like

Seriously! We can build out your van in four hours, with a vent fan! Brian is actually a great example of what the van build journey is like for most people who are coming to our shop with their own van.

Typically, you’ll be bringing a lot of stuff, which is ok, and we totally understand. You want to use your camper van immediately after you get it outfitted and figuring out where to store everything is also a part of the fun. So don’t worry if you have a few items or maybe you’re entire camping collection, because we have shelving at the shop to place all those things while we build out your van.

Furthermore, we can install a vent fan the same day as your kit. We install the Maxx Air Deluxe vent fan and wire it directly to the van batter. And no need to buy the fan for your installation.  You can purchase the fan on our website with your van conversion kit and we’ll have it all ready for you when you arrive, waiting to be installed.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits to getting a Wayfarer Van is how quickly you can be out and on the road, enjoying your camper van as intended. Brian mentioned his buddy Alex, another YouTube blogger who runs single track sampler. Alex spent months building out his van. He researched and researched then employed two of his very capable friends to help him build it.

Sure, there is a sense of pride knowing that you can do your own van build, however, most of us have no idea where to start, nor have the knowledge, tools or time. Plus, that’s time you could be out camping? Furthermore, just because you have a Wayfarer Van doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the possible modifications. We designed our kit to be 100% modular so you can go in and add those custom touches if you want, making your van that more special. And if you want proof, watch Brian’s next van camping road trip video.