Story by Ian Horgan |

August 8, 2022 |

Hi Wayfarians,

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we’re letting you know our prices will be increasing on Sept. 14. As we continue to face rising costs of doing business, we’re making this mid-year adjustment to keep up with increasing material costs.

What does this mean if you are waiting for a van to arrive? Nothing – we will honor our previous pricing for all Wayfarians who have pending orders as of Sept. 13. Those who have been assigned a van on order through our dealership partners or have submitted a payment for a conversion directly with Wayfarer Vans are included in our pending orders.

The cost of our conversions and the accessories that we create and install will be rising by an average of 15 percent. We know that isn’t fun to hear. We feel the same sting every time we get an invoice for wood, metal or pay health insurance premiums for our employees.

Our goal remains to keep creating affordable camper vans. Despite the increased price we still provide the most affordable complete conversion available, often coming in less than a third the cost of what many custom builders charge.

The Wayfarian community is very important to us and we appreciate your support over the years.