Story by Katie Branham |

April 26, 2023 |

If you’re looking to hit the road in a camper van, then look no further than the Ford Transit. Here at Wayfarer Vans, we offer two different Ford Transit conversions: Wilma and Wilford. And let us tell you, these vans are the perfect vehicles for all your adventure needs!

Ford Transit Vans

The Ford Transit offers the sweet spot of wheelbases among our vans and the all-wheel drive capability that will let you travel off the beaten path with confidence. Plus, with driving performance that’s hard to beat, you’ll love being behind the wheel of this van. The only downside? Compared to RAM vans, Ford vans have a longer waiting time at the dealership.

Our camper van conversions for the Ford vans are packed to the gills with storage. With upper cabinets and gear pockets included throughout the perimeter of the van, you’ll have plenty of room to keep all your adventure gear organized and within reach.

ford transit camper vans

Wilford, the Ford Transit 148” wheelbase high roof van

If headroom is a must, then Wilford is the van for you. With an interior height of 6’4”, this is the tallest van in our lineup.

And while a new high roof Transit van is the most expensive of the vans in our lineup, keep in mind that we can convert a used Transit if you’re looking to score a deal on a pre-loved van.

ford transit camper vans

Wilma, the Ford Transit 148” wheelbase medium roof van

If you want all of the best parts of a Ford Transit in a slightly smaller package, then the Wilma, the Ford Transit 148” wheelbase medium roof van, is the one for you. The 5’8” standing height offers plenty of room inside, but may cramp your style if you’re on the taller side.

Keep in mind that the Wilma conversion and medium roof Transit will save you a few dollars compared to the high roof van and Wilford conversion.

Wrapping this up…

So, whether you choose Wilford or Wilma, you’ll love hitting the road in a Ford Transit camper van conversion. With all-wheel drive to handle any terrain, driving performance that’s hard to beat, and plenty of headroom and storage space, these vans are the perfect vehicles for any adventure.