We make conversion ready camper van kits but that doesn’t mean we’re the best camper van option for you. What we’re really here for is getting you into a camper van, even if its not a Wayfarer Van, and feel the most important part is sharing all the wonderful things that comes with owning a camper van.

So, we’ve compiled and simplified all of our research, making it easier and faster for you to decide on that dream camper van.

Below you can explore the three most common options you have when trying to find the right camper van, which are: having it custom built, building it yourself, or purchasing new or used.  But before we start here is a brief overview of the options, so you can then quickly scroll to the best category and start your research.

Custom Build

  • Price range depending on level of customization: $15,000 to $100,000+
  • Average wait period from order to completion: 4 months to 13 months

DIY Build

  • Price range depending on level of customization: $800 to $12,000+
  • Average time to completion, several weeks to several years depending on ability, wants, resources, time and motivation


  • Depending on make, model, age and condition
  • Typical used Westfalias cost between $15,000 to $65,000, with yearly maintenance costs running between several hundred to several thousand
  • Typical used RV type camper van starts at around $32,000, with yearly maintenance costs again running between several hundred to several thousand

Custom Build

Having a camper van custom made is like having your dream house custom built.  You get to put everything and anything you ever wanted in it, it’s professionally built with enormous attention to detail and quite often a life’s goal.  However much like a dream house it comes with a hefty price tag, often takes much longer than anticipated to build and sadly remains just a dream.
But, if you have money to burn and are ready for a custom build we recommend these four.  However that’s not to say that you cannot get a custom build for a reasonable price because some of these builders have base packages that are somewhat reasonable.  
If none of these custom builders offer what you’re looking for or you don’t feel like traveling to their place of business we recommend searching for fabricators in your local area.  They can usually be found in custom auto shops and we’re sure you’ll  find someone who has built a camper van for somebody somewhere.  However from all of our research custom fabrication is also costly in time and money, so present your basic ideas first to get a better understanding of their price before planning your grand design. 

Outside Van

Located in Troutdale Oregon
Mercedes Sprinter Conversions
4 to 12 months to completion
$40,000 to $100,000+

Colorado Camper Vans

Located in Loveland Colorado
Mercedes, Dodge, Nissan, Ford
1 week to 3 months to completion
$7,000 to $20,000+


Located in TX, CA, IN
Mercedes, Ford, Dodge
4 to 12 months to completion
$40,000 to $100,000+

Recon Campers

Located in California
Nissan NV200 Conversions
3 to 4 months to completion
$5,000 to $15,000


Below are a few sources to help guide you through your camper van build.  However, other than the 378 page guidebook in Sprinter-RV,  there are no step by step plans to building a camper van.  In our personal experience we recommend a few things that will save you time and money during your build.
 Cardboard is much cheaper than plywood.  Shape your ideas out of some cardboard and duct tape first, it will give you a sense of dimensions.
Research, research, research.  Because once you build everything into your camper van you’re not going to want to rip it out and do it again.  Youtube offers tons of videos of people who give guided tours of their camper vans; also through pinterest and some simple bloggers you will most likely find some variation of what you have in mind.
If you have little to no mechanical or trades experience we recommend finding a friend that does and sitting down with them before you rush out and start purchasing your materials.  In fact, if you can persuade that friend with a few six packs of beer and some pizzas to help you with your build that would be ideal.  We’re not saying a camper van build cannot be done without experience, however simple mechanical and carpentry skills (and the necessary tools) can go a long ways, save you lots of money and more importantly time.  Like all DIY’s its easier said than done and with a camper van, what you thought could be a weekend build has now turned to several months.
Get out there and use it, cause thats what you made it for.  We have been through several versions of our layout before reaching our current setup.  Each version we tested out over the course of several months and many camping trips, took notes, then went back to our design with the modifications.  Expect to have slight tweaks and modifications to your setup, it wont be perfect the first time.

Go Westy Camper Van Products

Coming by an old Westfalia is easy, fixing it up is where the work comes in.

Go Westy offers a robust platform for everything Westfalia.  Whether your looking for a westy or have purchased a fixer-upper, you’re sure to find knowledge on how to get it and keep it on the road at Go-Westy

Instructional videos, OEM products, restoration, community links, classifieds and more

Build a Camper Van.com

A great source for advice and guidance if you’re going to build everything yourself

Though the website content is primarily targeted for the United Kingdom it still offers step by step guidance, everything from: selecting a vehicle, to discussing types of insulation, electrical systems, gas supplies, water, waste water, and even appliances.

Do It Yourself RV

Though not Camper Van centric it offers some of the best technical advice.

To find some camper van specific subject matter on the website just type in ‘Camper Van’ in the search bar on the far right corner of the website.  From there you will be able to pull up some links referencing some how to’s, everything from: how to build your own stealth camper van, to building and installing a bed and even some examples and know how from other DIY builders.

Sprinter RV

A website based on the most popularized cargo van used for conversions… the Mercedes sprinter.

Perhaps the most robust DIY information source besides Go-Westy.  In Sprinter-RV you will find DIY Galleries, Manuals, Videos, and even a 378 page book you can buy that walks you through step by step on how to build out your sprinter van.  Even if you don’t plan on buying a sprinter this website can still help with the technical side of building out your own, be it small or big.


Much like a used car there are many ways to purchase a used camper van.  If you’re looking for a used westfalia you’ll have the best luck searching in areas with a higher density; that is, parts of the country that have a higher concentration of camper vans than others. For instance, Portland Oregon has the highest concentration of camper vans than anywhere else in the nation.  Also parts of the country that are more conducive to the camper van lifestyle.  Such places like Southern California, Oregon, Colorado and Utah.  Search the classified ads and craigslists for major metropolitan cities in these states and we’re sure you’ll be able to find something.

If perusing the internet for deals isn’t your thing or your skeptical with what you find in the classifides then you can hone in your search using some more specific, trustworthy platforms.  Go-Westy has a classifieds page where you can search their inventory of rotating camper vans.  Also you can search Camping World or Lazy Days to find more RV type camper vans, they can be found under the Class B section on each website.

Let the search begin!