Story by Andy Mullins |

November 16, 2023 |

If you’re a tall camper that doesn’t fit in a standard east-to-west bed, you’ve probably struggled to find a viable camper van option. The good news? Your search for a tall-friendly camper van has brought you to the right place! 

Wayfarer Vans’ Long Bed Walt is for all those who have spent years sleeping curled up, diagonal, or rigging their own DIY solutions for a good night’s sleep. You can now rest easy (pun intended) with our Long Bed Walt floor plan which provides tall campers a cozy and spacious 6’8″ sleeping platform – just as long as a king bed! 

The Long Bed Walt uses our conversion for the 159” WB High Roof ProMaster and features two spacious gear closets in addition to standard upper shelves. For those wanting the maximum storage space, add on the upper cabinets shown in the images below as an accessory! 

An added bonus is that our Long Bed Walt doesn’t compromise garage space, so you can bring all your favorite gear and maximize adventures! Seriously folks, this van has an incredibly massive garage area that can accommodate most anything you throw at it! 

Specifically, this layout offers the following: 

  • 6’1″ wall to wall
  • 34″ floor to bed (without our 2.5″ or 4″ risers)
  • 32″ floor to beam
  • 55″ wheel well to wheel well
  • 82″ rear floor edge to front of bed

To put this size into perspective, Walt’s 110 cubic feet of garage space can accommodate: 

  • 420 six foot 2×4 boards 
  • 18 checked suitcases 
  • 4 whitewater kayaks
  • 3 full suspension bicycles
  • 1 electric tricycle

Already have a Walt with the standard floor plan? Wayfarer Vans can retrofit your van to the long bed layout if you need some extra space to stretch out at night.

If you are interested in upgrading your current Walt, reach out to us through our contact page for more information or purchase the Walt Long Bed directly through our website. Looking for a new van? Reach out via our contact page and we’ll connect you with one of our dealership partners who provide a concierge-level service to find you the right van with all your desired features!

And, as always, you can combine the cost of the conversion with your vehicle loan. Installs are done in just a few days once your van reaches our Colorado Springs shop. 

That’s all for now, vertically-gifted friends! Tall campers, unite!