Story by Alex Embry |

September 18, 2020 |

It’s been a few months now since we released our Ford Transit conversion van kit, aka Wilford, and it’s time to take a deep dive into all that the Transit has to offer.

The Basics

The Ford Transit has been one of the most popular camper van options on the road and offers some unique features that set it apart from other makes, and it could be just the camper van you are looking for. Our conversion is for the 148” wheelbase, high rooftop, long cargo van, years 2015 to current.

Let’s Talk Bottom Line

The base conversion kit goes for $10,750 and includes: insulated flooring with cargo management tracks, wall and ceiling paneling with 100% wool insulation, upper cabinets, bed platform with cushions, boot box with cushion, and a kitchen galley with 5 gallon fresh and grey water tanks and a hand pump sink. The approximate price for the van is around $52,000 – so you can get into a new, fully built camper van for around $62,750; or to save some dough, bring us a used van, just as long as it’s a 148″, high rooftop, standard length Ford Transit. Our conversion is not compatible with mid-roof, extended length or passenger models.

What’s so special about the Transit?


Drumroll please…it has ALL WHEEL DRIVE! But before we hype you up too much on the capabilities of driving through snowbanks and off-roading in rugged terrain, you have to know that the AWD Transit is extremely difficult to find as the new kid on the block in the camper van world, and we don’t expect supply to catch up with demand for quite some time. If you have your heart set on an AWD Transit, reach out to us at [email protected] and we can talk to you about our dealer connections and see about getting you on our waitlist. Our Ford Transit conversion van kit is also compatible with the rear-wheel-drive version as well – which you can buy new or used. While our conversion does not add a lot of weight to the rear of the van, if you plan to have your garage loaded up with lots of heavy toys, you may find that the rear-wheel-drive performs better than you would expect of a passenger car or empty pickup truck.

How does it measure up compared to other conversion vans?

For our taller Wayfarians, you’ll appreciate the extra headroom inside the Transit. With our conversion installed, the living area inside the van is 6-4, giving you an extra three or more inches over the headroom inside the Promaster van. The extra height also allows us to build enclosed cabinets over the bed and kitchen galley providing tons of storage space.


On the flip side, keep in mind that the taller profile of the vehicle does slightly reduce gas mileage, and you may not have enough clearance to fit in some spaces that the Promaster does. The Transit exterior sits around 9-2, not including any accessories like a vent fan that add on a few extra inches. The Transit can tow more than the Promaster, with the Ford boasting a tow capacity of 6,300 lbs., while the Promaster is listed at 5,100 lbs. The two vans are flipped on the payload (how much weight they can carry in the cargo space) with the Promaster having a slightly bigger capacity. If you’re looking at ground clearance, the Transit comes stock at 6.3 inches and the Promaster is 6.9 inches.

I Want One, Now What?


If you already have a Transit (must be 148” wheelbase, high roof cargo van) or if you plan to buy used, all you need to do is order the Ford Transit conversion kit on our website. Once your order is placed, we’ll schedule your conversion at our shop in Colorado Springs. Our lead time varies, but over the past year has ranged from 4-6 weeks. Once you arrive at our shop, installation is a quick 3-4 hours. If you want a new Transit, especially with the AWD option, be prepared to wait a while. But once we have them in stock through our dealership partner, we can help you finance the cost of the van and the conversion in one payment. All that you’ll need to do is fly into Colorado, pick up your keys and start your adventure.