Privacy is a big deal when traveling around in your Wayfarer Van. You don’t want to be seen changing from your PJ’s into your hiking clothes while parked at a busy trailhead. Or if you’re stopping over for a night at a truck stop, rest stop or other highly-trafficked area, you may want to be more discrete, and this light-blocking partition will seal you off from the outside world.

This partition plugs right into the headliner of the van for easy and secure installation. Remove the plastic plugs just above the passenger and driver seats, line up the grommet holes in the partition with the plug holes, then re-insert the plugs through the partition and back into the headliner. Setup only takes minutes and you’ll have a custom-fitted partition.

Privacy isn’t the only thing this partition provides — it provides insulation, keeping cold or hot air in the cab from entering into your living space. The bottom of the partition that hits the floor is protected by a band of waxed canvas.  So you can step on it, get it wet, or drag it across the dirty floor without having to worry about damaging or staining the fabric. When not in use, roll it up and buckle it out of the way to the top of the cab.

Product notes:


Insulated Partition $450.00